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4 Considerations to Ponder While Buying Pure Honey

In our previous blog “Health Benefits of Consuming Natural Honey” we have seen that Pure Honey is considered as the best Natural remedy that reduces the risk of various health concerns like overweight, poor digestion, gastrointestinal issues and much more.

A good quality honey will always act as a natural supplement that boosts the overall health. Thus, Pure Honey is must incorporate the holistic approach to the health & diet regimen.

So, today we will compile 5 main considerations to ponder while buying Pure Honey. These points will help you to acquire the impeccable quality of honey:

Check Water Content


Water Content is a major concern while acquiring the quality-grade fresh honey. According to the Xylem’s Global Water Report[1] “It is internationally recognized that good quality honey should be processed at less than 20% water content.” 19% to 20% of water content is sufficient that maintain the quality & purity of the honey.
Honey comprising more than 20% of water content is not considered to be fit & safe to consume honey.

Types of Sugars


When it comes to checking sugar in honey, there are majorly two types of sugars through which honey usually made up of:

  1. HMF(Hydroxy Methyl Furfural) Sugars
  2. Inverted Sugars

HMF sugar is an organic compound formed as the breakdown product of fructose. This is the major sugar present in the honey as a natural sweetening element. Usually, this compound formed slowly while storing and later it formed quickly once the honey is heated.
Inverted Sugar is a chemically processed sugar used honey. It is basically a combination of both glucose and fructose.
Make sure choose honey that has an optimal amount of HMF because honey comprising the high level of HMF (more than 100mg/kg) or inverted sugar is considered to be the adulteration of honey.

Color of Pure Honey

When it comes to categorizing the color variations in the honey, there are graded into 3 prime categories – Light, Amber, and Dark. Keep one thing in mind colors of honey have nothing to do with the quality of the honey. It is being said that color shades of the pure honey depends on the floral source the bees. Change in the color may affect the taste of honey.

Pollen in Honey

It is true that Pollen in honey usually mars the look & feel of the honey, but this presence of the pollen in honey will not only define its authenticity but also being considered as the finest way to boost holistic health.

Pollen Honey comprises following natural nutrients:

  • 30 % digestible carbohydrates
  •  26 % sugars (mainly fructose and glucose)
  • 23 % protein (including 10 % of essential amino acids) [2]

Thus, these nutrients ensure you with the amazing health benefits like boost immunity system, strengthen your body power, reduce inflammation, protect from liver toxicity, and much more.

A good health always begins with the healthy efforts. So, if you are making Pure Honey apart of your diet regimen, always focus on to acquire the quality-grade honey. Always prefer to buy honey from the certified manufacturers like Allied Natural Product, they will ensure you with the extensive array of natural pure honey.

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