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Handy Tips to identify Pure Honey at Home

Identify Pure HoneyPure Honey has some amazing medicinal benefits. It helps to treat a sore throat, builds immunity and can be used as a replacement for refined sugar. Needless to say, consumers are always on a lookout for brands which offer Pure Honey. However, in this age of competitive pricing and stiff competition among brands, you cannot simply rely on their words.

Here are some easy-to-follow purity checks you can carry out at your home:

Handy Tips to identify Pure Honey at Home

The Spill test

Pure honey is thick and its high viscosity allows it to stick to a surface longer than other liquid. Put half a tablespoon of Honey on your thumb. If it spills too quickly or spreads out like other liquid, it isn’t Pure Organic honey.

The Water test

If you put a tablespoon of Pure Honey in water, it won’t dissolve easily and will even drop down to the bottom of the glass. However, if you notice that the Honey mixes up with the water too quickly or easily; it is not pure honey.

Check if it is inflammable

You need to be a bit cautious about this test. Not many know, but pure honey is inflammable. Apply a little honey on the tip of the matchstick or dip a matchstick in the Organic honey. If it lights up when it strikes the matchbox, it is pure honey. Otherwise, it might be adulterated.

Caramelise test

If you heat a tablespoon of honey in a pan or in some other appropriate utensil, it will caramelize quickly without any bubbles or foam. However, adulterated honey might not caramelize and even start to form bubbles.

Pure Honey Test

The above-mentioned test will help you to quickly determine the purity of honey you have opted for.

The benefits and use of honey make it important that you opt for pure honey for optimum results. In many cases, the addition of sugar and other substances might affect the results you are expecting from the honey, especially if you are looking out to lose weight by reducing the sugar intake. So, make sure you follow at least one of the above-mentioned tests to ensure that you are consuming nothing but pure honey.

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