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How to Start a Natural Honey Farming Business?

Natural Honey Farming

To start the honey business, generally, Natural Honey Exporters maintain their own bee colonies. Luckily, it has become easier with the beekeeping kits, which contain everything you require to get your first colonies started. You just have to ensure the local ordinances permission for backyard beekeeping. If this is not possible, consider partnering with a local farmer, who can provide an area for the bees to live for rent or a percentage of your profits.

Here are a few necessary tips to start a Natural Honey Farming Business.

A variety of honey flavours can be produced with a hive, depending on the types of plants and flowers around, the colour will also vary. Honey can also be sold raw or pasteurized.

The first few steps of a successful honey production business lie in the creation of your business plan. Such a plan develops the overall business model on paper. A business plan will also be your guideline as your business grows, giving you a reference point to take your business to the next level.

Natural Honey Bees

To start with the business the three bees needed are:

  • Queen Bees
  • Worker Bees
  • Drone Bees

The queen bee is responsible for laying eggs and producing all other bees. The worker bees do all the production work while the drone bees are responsible for getting the queen bee pregnant.

Harvesting Honey from the Beehive

Natural Honey Harvesting

Harvesting honey should be done with much care. It is more advisable to engage the services of experienced people to do it for you so that you can learn and handle it yourself in the coming time. To start with, you have to be a person with safety armour to protect yourself from bee stings. You can easily purchase such protective gear online or from stores.

Next, step is that you should use a good smoker to puff smoke around the hive entrance, all the smoking should be done from behind. This will send the bees much lower into the hive helping you to remove the inner cover of the hive. Then in the next step if you have to remove any bees from the frame, use a bee brush or bee escapes to set the frame on an empty box to finally extract honey.

Now To extract the honey, put the honey-laden frame in an extractor which would spin the frames and force the honey flow down the bottom after straining and removing all the wax.

Creating Honey Package

Natural Honey Packaging

As a Pure Organic Honey Supplier, it is completely up to you to create a good package for your honey. However, you should always settle in for attractive packaging and ensure that the packed honey is free from all impurities especially if you decide to settle for transparent packaging. You should also think an attractive labelling to make your product appear more attractive.

Market your Honey

Natural Honey Marketing

You can use many selling strategies to market your honey. Of course, as the demand for pure organic honey is very high so you won’t have much hard time selling your honey. You can also supply your product to supermarkets and local shop keepers. Another way to sell is by engaging the services of marketers to sell it on your behalf, exhibitions & also Online or becoming a Natural Organic Honey Exporter.

Anyone can start a Natural Honey Farming Business at small scale or as a commercial business. But as there is a great demand for honey in the market, why don’t you contact Allied Natural Product which is the best Honey Exporter in New Delhi, India.

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