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All About Keeping Natural Raw Honey Fresh and Flavourful

Fresh Natural Raw Honey

Natural Raw Honey in their original form is created in nature.  Nothing is added or processed in the components of the product.

Honey can be called “raw” only if it has not been processed or super processed and never heated or the honey should also not have been exposed to any heat.

A properly stored honey never get spoiled. So, the best way to store raw honey is to keep it in a tightly sealed jar at room temperature. It prevents any bacteria to grow in it because bacteria don’t grow well in acidic or exposed Natural Raw Honey. Honey can absorb odours and moisture when it is exposed to air supporting bacteria to grow easily.

One of the best things about honey is that it doesn’t spoil very quickly.

As soon as the bees finish with it. We sometimes feel that we need to take many precautions to store it. That’s where the Natural Honey Manufacturer takes measures to preserve its natural goodness, to store it properly so it retains its wonderful texture and flavours.

Natural Raw Honey Storage


When you store Natural Organic Honey in ordinary glass jars or those well-known bear-shaped plastic containers, then Pure Honey can stay fresh for about two years in any pantry, cupboard or closed shelf.

  • The best way of storing honey is in jars or containers at normal room temperatures. Extreme temperature can cause honey to change colour and lose some of its flavour.
  • Keep Honey away from sunlight.
  • Glass jars are ideal for storing your honey.
  • Storing honey in non-food plastic containers or metal containers is also not a good idea as it can cause honey to oxidize.


  • With time when pure honey gets older, it may solidify and crystallize. Anywhere from three to six months after if you opened the container.
  • Honey also gets darker with age which could change the flavour. You may notice some changes in about one year.
  • If your honey starts to solidify in the form of sugar crystals, just put the container in a bowl or pan with warm water to dissolve the crystals.
  • Don’t store honey in the refrigerator when you are thawing it. This could cause it to crystallize.

A few simple honey storage tips for storing to sore, Natural Organic Honey you will not only be able to enjoy it for a very long time, but you will also retain its delicious flavour and beautiful colour.

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