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Natural Honey Exporter: Tips & Suggestions

Natural Honey Exporter-Tips & Suggestions

India has established itself as a good source of Natural Honey Exporter in the world market. The country has been into honey exports since 1991. Initially, the quantity of honey exported used to be quite small, but it has increased substantially by now. India exports honey to approximately 62 countries today.

The honey export business has witnessed significant changes both in terms of supply and of demand worldwide, especially in the past few years. The export market has become more important than ever. The success of the honey exporters depends to a great extent on maintaining their product & marketing related policies.

Here are a few suggestions to be a successful Natural Honey Exporter.

India has vast resources of flora that can be used by Bulk Honey Manufacturer. Keeping in view the large honey production area, the government has also developed a strategy to increase the number of bee colonies in order to improve honey production by exploiting these resources.

Bee Breeding

Follow the various government schemes regarding bee breeding, multiplication of colonies, bee diseases testing facilities, and many other R&D facilities are being promoted.


Follow the Standards for Honey Exports

All countries trading honey internationally generally accepted standards of Codex Alimentarius. Indian exporters also adopt the same or as per the standard of the importing country.


Instructions for quality control and inspection of honey

Procedure for approval of establishment intending to process honey for export ‘Establishment’ here refers to any premises where honey is prepared, processed, packed, or stored.


Approval of veterinarian

The veterinarian should supervise honey processing operations. You should have knowledge of sampling techniques, checks system, knowledge of the Executive Instructions, knowledge of the regulatory requirements of importing countries, etc.

Natural Honey in Hexa Glass Bottle-Allied

Permission to process and pack honey for export by a merchant exporter

An approved establishment can make a request that a merchant exporter process and pack honey for export. However, such an establishment has to give the undertaking to comply with the EIC or EIA directions. It also gives assurance that honey meant for export by the merchant exporters will only be processed in the approved establishment.


Importance of Certificates

Bee purchasing to the quality check to the packaging of the products & marketing & exports – Pure Organic Honey Supplier should keep all certified at their level. At times the various certificates have to get renewed from time to time.


Marketing related information in other countries

The honey exporter should keep the best knowledge of the country of export of the honey from India. It is always suggestible to have marketing or an import agent at the destination country. This agent can guide the current norms applicable to the product from time to time. It is advisable not to violate any marketing norms of the country to promote the product for the consumer.


Quality & other requirements in other countries

Never take a risk of sending the Honey without obeying the quality & the marketing norms of the destination country.

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Custom duties

Keep the best knowledge of the customs duty applicable as it always helps in creating the best costing to maintain profits.



Keep your packaging not only very attractive but also following the marketing norms of the destination country. The individual & export product packaging should also be well packed to avoid damage.


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