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Natural Honey Packed in Institutional Plastic Drum Available Sizes: 50kg

Acquiring pure natural honey in bulk quantity has become quite an easy task with Allied Natural Product (ANP). We, at ANP, have an extensive variety of natural honey including Mustard Honey, Sidr Honey, Eucalyptus Honey, Forest Honey, Acacia Honey, Multi Flower Honey, and Lychee Honey. Our procuring, processing and packaging experience have always inspired us to deliver you with the smooth flavor & color and promises the unmatched level of the taste & hygiene. This Bulk Institutional Plastic Drum honey pack is ideal for the food industry and big hotels.

Benefits of Honey

  • Natural Energy Resources
  • Natural cough syrup
  • Weight Management
  • Sleep Promoter

Uses of Honey

  • Food Industry as a Natural sweetener
  • Medical Industry as antibacterial properties
  • Fashion Industry as a Natural Cosmetic product
Available in following flavors: