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Natural Honey Packe in Pet Hexa Shape Bottle Available Sizes: 125gm, 250gm, 500gm

Being a certified Honey manufacturer & exporter who have gained high experienced in processing, packaging & exporting Honey across the globe. We always focus on administering industry’s best natural honey that exudes impeccability in terms of taste, flavor, texture, and hygiene. We own a wide variety of honey including Multi Flower Honey, Eucalyptus Honey, Lychee Honey, Mustard Honey, Forest Honey, Acacia Honey, and Sidr Honey. We offer different packing options including Pet Hexa Shape Bottle that allow our customers to acquire the honey according to their requirement effortlessly.

Benefits of Honey

  • Control High Blood Pressure
  • Natural Energy Resources
  • Increase Athletic Performance
  • Weight Management

Uses of Honey

  • Medical Industry as antibacterial properties
  • Fashion Industry as a Natural Cosmetic product
  • Food Industry as a Natural sweetener
Available in following flavors: